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October 2020 Update 🎃

This post is by pastudan
Dan Pastusek
Oct 7, 2020

🏷️ New Plan Pricing

Let's start with the big one. We're discontinuing our free tier. As much as it pains us to do so, we've been spending disproportionate hours maintaining a free service and preventing abuse. This will free up more time, allowing us to make our paid Starter and Teams plans more reliable, and let us focus on building more features that matter. You can upgrade at anytime over the next 30 days to keep your applications online. Afterwards we'll begin removing unused applications, so stay tuned for more information regarding your specific apps.
NOTE: BYOC clusters remain free, and are unaffected

💾 Disk Backups

Our latest feature allows you to backup and restore your Volumes from & to any cluster. For example, you can snapshot a production database, and copy that data to a Docker Desktop environment at home for easy development. Backups are encrypted and stored redundantly! Check the Volumes section of the dashboard to try it out.

👨‍💻 Deploy from GitHub

We stealthily launched this featured months ago, and have been steadily working out the kinks. Today we're announcing that its ready for prime time. With no knowledge of containers, and no Dockerfile, our deploy-from-git pipeline can help you launch your static site, NodeJS, Python, or Ruby project. Even better, your pipeline can automatically build and deploy your image on every git commit, even on your own cluster. Connect your GitHub account and give it a try over in the Repos section of the dashboard.

🍻 Bring Your Own Cluster

One of our early missions was to make it possible to launch your code, no matter where you are. That means letting you letting your peers access an app running in a Docker container on your laptop, even at a coffee shop. Think ngrok, but much more powerful. In addition to managing all the apps on your cluster, our agent lets you expose HTTP apps without configuring a firewall or router or static IP - Read the docs to learn more

💬 Come chat

If you have any questions, please send us an email (support@kubesail.com) or join us on Discord.

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