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Introducing the KubeSail Platform

This post is by pastudan
Dan Pastusek
May 3, 2021

KubeSail is a platform for self-hosted software

We've recently launched our Platform product which automatically spins up your entire stack whenever your customers pay. Create a hosted cloud version of your Docker image in just a few minutes!

Who is this for?

We've targeted this toward developers and companies who build self-hosted apps. We built this product to give them an opportunity to offer a cloud-hosted version of their app with zero risk.


We've heard similar stories from nearly every open-source company — they had to drop everything and spend months of engineering time to build a cloud-hosted version of their app in order to get revenue coming in. So we've built a way to let companies build hosted versions of their apps in a reliable, repeatable way.
Admin Dashboard


You connect your Stripe account and set the monthly price for your product. We'll create a billing portal and provision resources when a transaction is completed. Users can configure variables which can be passed to their apps and set custom domain-names! The docker image, disk space, and other resources that are provisioned for each customer are determined via a YAML template that you control. Don't worry about not knowing Kubernetes — we'll help with this config!

Four different ways to deploy:

We spent the last 2 years building the core features of KubeSail, which now lets us offer super flexible deployments in multiple ways:
  • Order a managed cluster - Simplest option. We'll take care of logging, monitoring, storage, and server reliability, you can focus on building your app.
  • Bring-Your-Own - Use your own Kubernetes cluster. Attach it to KubeSail and your customers will be provisioned on servers that you manage.
  • Ship a PiBox - A custom NAS based on the Raspberry Pi CM4. If your software benefits from having storage available locally, such as NextCloud or PhotoPrism then this is a great option. Tunneling, Dynamic DNS built-in! Visit the PiBox site or read the Tunneling docs
  • Cluster-per-customer - If your app has complex needs, we can provision a Kubernetes cluster for each of your customers on-demand, or the customer can provide their own cluster. Perfect for on-prem Enterprise installations!
No matter where you deploy your customer's instances, we can roll out new versions of your app reliably using the KubeSail agent and APIs.

Customer Portal

Our goal is to let software startups focus on their product, not billing interfaces. We built a hosted portal to let your customers to pay, manage, or cancel their instance. If you want, you can fork, customize, and host the UI anywhere. If you want to manage the full experience, you can call our API from your site to update your customers' instances.
Customer Portal
Chatwoot Installation
Please reach out to us if you're interested in shipping your software with KubeSail Platform, or if we can do anything to help!

Stay in the loop!

Join our Discord server, give us a shout on twitter, check out some of our GitHub repos and be sure to join our mailing list!