Host Apps From Home

Run a server in your home or office that runs websites & apps, saves money, and respects your privacy.

  • Use our custom hardware or bring your own computer
  • Open and hackable, but beginner friendly
  • Backups, remote access, mobile apps, support, tutorials & more

We bundle everything that's needed to host apps and websites at home.

PiBox - the personal server
PiBox - the personal server
PiBox, a plug-and-play self-hosting device

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Why Self-Host?

Own your own data, pay fewer bills & use the internet the way it was intended!

KubeSail works on any kind of computer.
From an old desktop to a cloud server to our custom designed hardware. Read the docs to get started!
Manage all of your self-hosted apps in one place!


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  • Free Dynamic DNS
  • Limited proxy bandwidth
  • Limited Backup tools
  • All other features unlocked
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  • Custom Domains
  • Encrypted Backups
  • 25GB proxy traffic
  • Tech Support
  • One plan, all the features
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KubeSail for Business

We ship a tiny, powerful, secure server ready to be plugged-in and used directly to your offices or edge locations. From Calendly replacements like to Slack alternatives like, we help upgrade your businesses software while slashing expensive subscriptions!
  • Deploy apps on any cloud
  • Ship plug-n-play hardware to the edge!

What is self-hosting?

Self-Hosting means running server software yourself, on computers you own. Although every day billions of people use web browsers, the client side of the internet, almost all the servers they connect to are owned by a handful of the largest software companies in the world. For example, to visit Sarah's page, you don't visit Sarah's computer - you visit Google's or Facebook's.

Self-Hosting fixes the internet by putting server-software and skills into the hands of everyone. Own your data, cut the expensive hosted subscription services, learn real skills: That's what self-hosting does!

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YCombinator (S19)
Project Wren
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and thousands of home users!
Build projects from GitHub on your own systemsBackup your data to KubeSail and restore any time