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KubeSail DevOps Training

With a DevOps team from companies like Stripe, Imgur and Rackspace, we have the wealth of experience to provide hands-on training that empowers your developers and sysadmins alike to
take ownership, move faster, and be happier.
We love teaching a wide variety of DevOps tooling, including:

Full stack training

DevOps teams should be T-shaped, with a broad skill set and no off-limits topics. We take the same approach to teaching: From the Cloud to the DB, from the Kubernetes to JavaScript, we teach what we believe: There is no topic we won't tackle and no problem a good hacker can't fix!

Bottom-line Focused

As founders, and very we're aware that tech-debt isn't the only challenge your company faces. We focus on fixing real problems and making people happy; not chasing shiny tech. Nothing makes engineers happier than moving the needle.
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