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rTorrent Server

This template will launch a rTorrent server and Web UI on your Kubernetes cluster.
NOTE: This template saves downloads to /home/rtorrent/downloads by default. If you have a larger hard drive you want to store files in, click the "Edit YAML" button above, and replace that path with your hard drive's mount point, such as /media/hdd1, before you apply this template.
This template uses a hostPath to save those files, meaning the hard drive must be mounted on the same host that rTorrent runs on. This will be the default if you are using a single-node cluster, for example if you are following along with this Raspberry Pi tutorial

About the port mapping

In order to connect to our rTorrent server, we need to expose several ports using a Service. The processes inside the container expect to listen for incoming traffic on 80, 5000, and 51413. By default, Kubernetes only allows us to expose ports on the Pi within the range of 30000-32767, so above, our service tells Kube to open port 30001 on the Pi, and route traffic to port 80 on any container(s) that match the selector app: rutorrent. Same for the other two ports.
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