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Everything you need to run Google alternatives like PhotoPrism at home

  • Easily install self-hosted apps
  • Use any spare computer or buy ours
  • Web tunneling & dynamic DNS
  • Invite friends & build apps
  • Encrypted backups

There's an app
a server for that

KubeSail Templates is a catalog of free self-hostable software. Everything from games and media to blogging and databases. Build your own private cloud with ready-to-use Templates.

The internet, as originally intended

Host apps from home, own your data, and have fun with friends. Access from anywhere!

The KubeSail Agent works on any kind of server. Use anything from an old desktop to a cloud server or buy our custom designed PiBox. KubeSail works with any machine, in any location. Read the docs to get started!

The Features

Remote access

Forward internet traffic to your home, no port-forwarding required! For advanced users, there is automatic dynamic DNS, an SSH console, and everything you need to host anything from home. Docs ⟶

Templates & Builder & Platform

All the self-hosting tools you need! Templates let you install and share resources in seconds. Builder allows you to easily deploy your code to your home servers. Platform helps you create hosting-service of your own.
PiBox, a batteries-included mini Kubernetes Cluster
PiBox, a batteries-included mini Kubernetes Cluster
PiBox - A modular Raspberry Pi storage server, supporting SATA SSDs | Product Hunt

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Backup and restore your apps data (and configurations!) - either by app or simply backup everything - to our encrypted backup service. The privacy of home-hosting with the reliability of the cloud! Docs ⟶

Closets or clouds

In a home an office or "us-east-1", bring your own hardware or grab a PiBox - KubeSail works just about anywhere. Invite friends and co-workers and manage all your apps in one place!






per cluster
per month
  • Attach 1 cluster
  • Limited proxy traffic
  • Dynamic DNS
  • 1 User
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per cluster
per month
  • Custom Domains
  • Encrypted Backups
  • 25GB monthly proxy traffic
  • Up to 3 users
  • Deploy from GitHub
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per cluster
per month
  • 1TB of backups
  • 5TB of proxied traffic
  • Unlimited users
  • Priority Support
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KubeSail Platform

KubeSail Platform allows you to provision software when your customers signup and pay.
Spin up cloud resources on-demand, or physically ship your customers a plug-n-play device.
  • Deploy apps on any cloud
  • Ship hardware to your customers

What is self-hosting?

Self-Hosting means running server software yourself, on computers you own. Although every day billions of people use web browsers, the client side of the internet, almost all the servers they connect to are owned by a handful of the largest software companies in the world. For example, to visit Sarah's page, you don't visit Sarah's computer - you visit Google's or Facebook's.

Self-Hosting fixes the internet by putting server-software and skills into the hands of everyone. Own your data, cut the expensive hosted subscription services, learn real skills: That's what self-hosting does!

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What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is an open-source system for managing applications. Think of it like a normal operating system except that it can span many computers instead of one. KubeSail is built on-top of Kubernetes and makes it easy to get started with the most powerful open-source tool for hosting web applications. Use the industry standard: Install anything, anywhere, with no lock-in and complete ownership. KubeSail is your auto-pilot to the powerful tool that is Kubernetes.